Cheese - Morbier

290 - 350g (1 piece) (~350g)

Item quantity depends on the weight of physical item. If incase you require specific quantity please include it on remarks.

This semi-soft cow milk cheese has a distinctive line that runs through it's center. Made of vegetable ash, there is no taste associated with this marking, however, the cheese itself has a complexity of flavors. With its pungent aroma, the taste may seem surprisingly mild, though not tame by any means. Creamy on the palate, it has a nutty albeit bitter aftertaste. Originally the layer below the ash was formed from leftover curds of the evening milk that were not enough to make a complete wheel of cheese. Ash was then sprinkled over the layer to prevent a rind from forming. The next morning, milk from that day was poured over the ash to form the top layer. After settling, the cheese wash washed by hand to help form the rind.


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