Kataifi Pastry - Frozen

375g (1 pack)
Kataifi Pastry - Frozen is available to buy in increments of 1

While it is often mistakenly referred to as ‘shredded Fillo Pastry’, the process used to make Kataifi Pastry is very different to the way Fillo Pastry is made. To make Kataifi Pastry, a crepe-like batter is dripped onto a rotating heated metal plate through fine spouts, where it is briefly dried and cooked.

Its fine strands provide a unique texture, and its vermicelli-style nature makes it pliable into shapes only limited by one’s imagination. It is a very easy Pastry to handle and can be used in so many ways. Find inspiration for your next sweet or savoury Kataifi Pastry creation in our recipe library. Explore our useful cooking tips and handling tips when cooking with Kataifi Pastry.

Our family’s chilled and frozen Kataifi Pastry is available in a range of pack sizes for restaurants, caterers and other food service requirements. Home cooks can find it at delicatessens, greengrocers and gourmet food stores around Australia.

When Chris and Marina Antoniou began making Fillo Pastry in 1960, it was a true labour of love. Like a lot of immigrant families at the time, they dreamt of building a secure future for their young family. They had run a successful tailoring business in Glebe, in Sydney’s inner west – but they wanted to make the best life possible in their new home country.

So when an opportunity arose to supply Sydney’s two Greek cake shops with Fillo Pastry, Chris and Marina used the small space next door to their tailor shop to start making Fillo by hand. Chris had learned this intricate process soon after emigrating from Cyprus to Sydney in 1952, while working a second job in a cake shop to save money for a home. It was a laborious process, often taking 12 hours or more, but a quality product was always the first priority for Chris and Marina.

Word quickly spread. Consumers now sought Fillo Pastry for their home-cooked recipes, and a handful of Greek delis and cake shops began selling the first pre-packaged Fillo Pastry in Australia. And so this marked the beginning of the Antoniou brand in the retail market.