Cheese - Fourme D'Ambert

150 - 200g (1 piece) (~200g)
Cheese - Fourme D'Ambert is available to buy in increments of 0.2

Item quantity depends on the weight of physical item. If incase you require specific quantity please include it on remarks.

Fourme Ambert is a cheese produced in the eastern valleys of the Auvergne Mountains in south central France. "Fourme" is the old French word for cheese as taken from the Latin name "forma"and describes its cylindrical shape.

The flavor is eggy, rich, and slightly nutty, with distinct notes of heavy cream. It almost tastes of reduced cream: thick, buttery, and full of milky butterfat. Unlike Roquefort, it won't linger with peppery reverberation. Blues take well to sweet things like dried fruit, honeys, and candied nuts.

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