Roaring Forties

Roaring Forties

The “Roaring Forties” are named after the ferocious winds that circle the southern hemisphere at the 40th degrees of latitude.

Distant oceanic storms and swells that push up from Antarctica give rise to regular and strong westerly winds.

Blowing over thousands of kilometres of southern ocean, these famous trade winds carry the cleanest air in the world – as measured by the CSIRO monitoring station at Cape Grim.

With the climate tempered by the regular climate that the winds bring, the fertile lands of Southern Victoria and Tasmania provide green grass – year round.

It is one of the most ideal regions in the world to grow premium lamb.

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Lamb - Leg Bone In
Fresh Never Frozen
Roaring Forties Lamb - Leg Bone In
2.5kg (1 piece) (~2500g)
Lamb - Cutlets
Roaring Forties Lamb - Cutlets
500g (5 pieces) (~500g)
Lamb - Minced
Fresh Never Frozen
Roaring Forties Lamb - Minced
500g (1 pack) (~500g)
Lamb - Cap On Rump
Roaring Forties Lamb - Cap On Rump
300 - 430g (1 piece) (~430g)
Lamb - Boneless Shoulder
Fresh Never Frozen
Roaring Forties Lamb - Boneless Shoulder
1.5- 1.6kg (1 piece) (~1500g)
Lamb - Shoulder
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Roaring Forties Lamb - Shoulder
1.4kg (1 piece) (~1400g)
Special Price $47.57 Regular Price $55.97
Lamb - Rib Rack
Roaring Forties Lamb - Rib Rack
800 - 1000g (1 piece) (~1000g)